About the author:  

    Engineer by day and semi-starving Author by night, Steve Lee brings a unique and stimulating perspective to his writings that will draw you in, even as it expands your mind.  

     Author of five books thus far (two novels:  "Epiphany" and "At the Narrow End of Time";  a social commentary related to the 2008 global financial implosion: "The Gilligan Principle";  and two tech books on Lasers and CDMA), Lee's wide ranging works are designed to be both thought-provoking as well as entertaining. 

      Deftly blending a style all his own, Lee draws from a wide variety of very different sources and disciplines, including the vast and often sad reality of human history, the netherworld of the human psyche, and the elegant marvels found in biochemistry ̶ with a bit of quantum physics thrown in just to keep things interesting.  With a unique blend of humor and social commentary, Lee paints an often expansive picture well outside the norm of the standard formulaic fare of the pulp fiction world.

     “And yes, I do find typing with dewclaws a bit tough at times… But you get use to it.”

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